Compact Vacuum Ear Cleaner
Compact Vacuum Ear Cleaner
Compact Vacuum Ear Cleaner

Compact Vacuum Ear Cleaner

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If you have a habit of using cotton swabs, it's time to stop. Cotton swabs push earwax deeper, preventing eardrum from vibrating properly. The good thing is this Vacuum Ear Cleaner is completely friendly to your ear! It has a powerful suction that gently cleans the built-up earwax. Maintain healthy ears with this Compact Vacuum Ear Cleaner!


  • Professional Vacuum Ear Cleaner: Strongly suck stubborn earwax after vibration
  • Friendly to ear: Gentle vibration will make your ears feel very comfortable, just like a massage. Elastic heads will not damage your eardrum
  • Easy to Use: Simply press the button, insert 
    • carefully and gently into your ear canal, it will vibrate and inhalate the earwax into the vacuum
    • Easy to Clean: Remove the head and wash with the brush provided


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        Package Includes 1 x Vacuum Ear Cleaner
        1 x Brush
        2 x Replacement Heads
        Material ABS
        Length 13 cm
        Diameter 2.5 cm
        Battery 1 x AAA Battery (Not Included)